Products and Services

We provide the following services for all types of enterprises:

We build and host websites using content management systems that enable the business or organization to stay up to date easy and fast. We host our websites under VPS to ensure speed and reliability.  We also provide services such as search engine optimization and responsiveness web design.

Businessware is an integrated enterprise system system consisting of Sales and Customer Relations Management, Inventory and Warehousing, Accounting, Purchasing and Vendor Management, Customer Service, and Project Management. It utilizes best operational practices to get interdependent teams together to enhance and multiply value in every businesses.

Applying the process from ITIL, Ximera uses OTRS (Open Source Ticket Response System) to accurately track, prioritize, and resolve service requests. Through Service Management and Support services, Ximera is able to deliver quality service that drives sustainable and measurable growth to its client's operations.


Driving value to every business, Ximera offers HR and bookkeeping services to its clients so that clients can focus on what they do best for their business. Depending on client's requirements, services can be offered offsite or onsite. We service clients not only in Metro Manila but also in certain provincial areas like Pampanga, Laguna and others

Given our experience in managing company assets, we help clients find suitable hardware and infrastructure solutions for their corporate needs and help them manage these depending on their needs. From setting up their IP PBX and fax server to LINUX server administration, we make sure that you can start your operations on time.

We not only develop, we innovate. The following are just some of the smart mobile solutions that small to big businesses are using for their operations:

An android GPS application that allows logistics planner to schedule deliveries, tracks the location of trucks, and if an item has been delivered and installed at a client site.

A mobile application for swimming pool agents to recommend the appropriate filter and pumps to be used given the dimensions of a swimming pool

A mobile app for attendance tracking enables employees to log in and out from any location while also recording their current whereabouts. GPS location is then saved in a local database which can be viewed on the web once uploaded through internet. It also captures their photos to ensure that the right employee times in for work.




An android GPS application that allows agents to book orders and upload these to their headquarters even while on the field. It allows the business owner or coordinator know where their agents are at a specific point in time and allows their agents to book orders , track inventory, must carry skus, must see skus of their customers. Useful for promodizers and agents on the field.

An android application that allows supervisors to review and approve forms like sale order while on the go.

Campus Solutions is a suite of applications and technologies that use smart devices and state-of-the-art technologies to cater to a school's needs. From a multi-functional student ID to a computer-aided anti-drowning system, we not only make sure that your kids stay safe and secure but also help schools save on costs.

A mobile application that presents the organization's product catalog along with their respective list prices. It showcases real-time stock information and provides visibility into various warehouses or sites where the product is available. The app also features different pricing options for the displayed products.